Monday, 1 September 2008

Benfica versus Sporting

When you fly in to Lisbon, you will notice during the landing 2 huge football stadiums, from the 2 rival teams in Lisbon: Benfica and Sporting. The red stadium is from Sport Lisboa e Benfica (SLB), also called "the cathedral" by their supporters. I can confirm it is a spectacular arena as we already watched a match over there. The Sporting stadium has a green/white/yellow colours from the outside and is therefore, called "casa de banho" by the Benfica fans, as it resembles to the interior of the smallest place of the house.
The eagle of Benfica is the symbol of the team. Before each match in the home stadium, the eagle (called Vitória) flies from the top of the stadium to the center to bless the game.It is needless to say that the majority of Ana's family are Benfica supporters. :)

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Tom said...

Great stadium indeed, been there once, and really liked it :-)
See you guys soon!