Friday, 3 October 2008

FAQs How to get from the airport to lisbon

Hi all,

to help you with your arrival in Lisbon we add some FAQs on our blog...Hope it helps you out while visiting lisbon..

If you want to get fromt he airport, there are mainly 2 ways to get into the center: by bus or by taxi..

Bus (“Carris”)
Bus 91 does the route from the airport to Marques de Pombal area and Restauradores (where most of you will stay) and the river area (Cais do Sodré)
Lisbon's Taxi Services
There's no dearth of taxis across cities in Portugal, especially in Lisbon! The good news is they aren't prohibitively expensive - in fact, most travellers find it quite affordable. Taxis are usually coloured in black and bright green, while some are beige. All of them carry a glow sign on the roof. Fares go by the meter inside Lisbon city limits during the day, with a 20% surcharge at night (10pm-6am). Outside city limits they may charge a return fare and luggage will also bring on surcharge. It is standard to tip 10% to taxi drivers in Lisbon, Portugal.

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